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Micropollutant Degradation in Microstructured Photocatalytic Membrane Reactor System

Micropollutant Degradation in Microstructured Photocatalytic Membrane Reactor System
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Bachelor/Master Thesis


October/November 2018


Zhan, Xiang


Membrane separation combined with photocatalytic degradation has been proposed to tackle pollutants in wastewater, especially pharmaceutical micropollutants with low concentrations. A photocatalytic membrane microreactor is a promising concept for pollutant treatment, which has not been much investigated.



This thesis work will focus on the micropollutant treatment with a novel photocatalytic membrane microreactor system. The major work is studying the degradation of micropollutant at defined conditions. A common dye – rhodamine B will be used as the first model pollutant for testing the system. Afterwards, degradation of a steroid micropollutant - estrone (E1) or β-estradiol (E2) will be investigated. Membranes to be used are inorganic nanofiltration membranes, which will be coated with TiO2 or other novel catalysts by inkjet printing.

This work includes following tasks:

  • Literature research on photocatalysis theory, photocatalytic degradation of pollutants, membrane filtration coupling with photocatalysis for water treatment;
  • Studying the degradation of rhodamine B, for testing the system
  • Studying the degradation of E1 or E2 at defined conditions;
  • Studying relevant operation parameters including light intensity, pollutant concentration, flow rate etc.
  • Testing novel catalyst which is active either in UV or visible-light.

The progress of this work will be regularly discussed within the two-weekly meeting of the group “catalytically active coatings”. The results of the work are to be presented within the seminar at IMVT (20 minutes oral presentation) and by a written thesis not exceeding 40 pages for bachelor thesis or 60 pages for master thesis (excluding appendix).

Bonus: This work can be part of a paper to be submitted to a peer-reviewed journal (depending on the results).


Knowledge in chemical engineering.Duration: 3 months for bachelor thesis and 6 months for master thesisStarting date: October or November, 2018Language: English or German

Examiner: Prof. Dr. Roland Dittmeyer

Supervisor: M.Sc. Xiang Zhan



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