Dr. Hannah Kirsch im Labor Hannah Kirsch
Laureate Dr. Hannah Kirsch

The Peter and Luise Hager Prize is awarded annually for scientific work in the field of energy and environmental technology with a special focus on the storage of renewable energy. The prize was awarded for her outstanding experimental and theoretical work on the systematic investigation of the process integration of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis and hydrocracking with a view to the simplest possible process design for decentralised plants for the production of drop-in-capable synthetic fuels.

To our great pleasure, our former PhD student Hannah Kirsch, who received her doctorate in January 2021, was awarded this year's Peter and Luise Hager Prize of the KIT Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Process Engineering (CIW). In addition, Dr Kirsch was nominated for and accepted the Sparkassen Environment Prize 2021. The prize will be awarded to her at a ceremony in summer 2022.