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About IMVT

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The IMVT is located on Campus North of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology at building 605 and the adjacent building 606. In total, 750 m² of offices, 80 m² of workshop and laboratory areas, and two technical laboratories of 280 m² in total area are available. Since July 2009, IMVT has also been running a branch office at the Institute of Chemical Process Engineering on Campus South, building 30.41.

Development of microstructured devices at IMVT is based on the skills of producing nozzles of smallest deflection radii of up to 30 µm by machining with ground, shaped diamonds. These so-called separation nozzles were used for the enrichment of fissile uranium from isotope mixtures. In the late eighties, the mechanical microstructurization technique was used for the first time by the former Institute for Nuclear Process Technology of Kernforschungszentrum Karlsruhe to produce microstructured heat exchangers and reactors (Schubert et al., DE 37 09 278 A1, 1988). In the nineties, development of microstructured devices for process engineering was furthered consistently and eventually resulted in the foundation of IMVT as an independent institute in 2001.

At the moment, 64 persons from eight different countries are working at IMVT. 16 female and 23 male staff members have completed a scientific education. Among them are seven female and three male Ph. D. students. Seven female and 18 male employees are working in the technical and administrative sectors.