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Institute for Micro Process Engineering


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Roland Dittmeyer

KIT - Campus North
Hermann-von-Helmholtz-Platz 1
76344 Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen
Phone: +49 721 608-23114
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Michael Riedinger

„Entwicklung eines Regelwerks zur Umsatzsteuerung und zur Deaktivierungs-prävention eines Fischer-Tropsch-Katalysators für den dynamischen Betrieb im Mikrostrukturreaktor"

30.08.2018, 11.00 Uhr


Giulia Baracchini

Optimization of layered bifunctional catalytic systems for one-step synthesis of dimethyl ether"

30.08.2018, 11.30 Uhr


Campus Nord, Gebäude 605,

1. Etage, Raum 201, Besprechungsraum IMVT




Welcome to IMVT

The Institute for Micro Process Engineering (IMVT) was founded in July 2001 with the objective of enhancing the use of novel microstructures in modern process engineering. Foundation of IMVT had been preceded by innovative studies relating to the fabrication of metal microstructured devices and their use in process engineering at the former Central Experimentation Department and before at the Institute for Nuclear Process Technology of Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe. IMVT and its precursor department had been headed by Dr. Klaus Schubert since the late eighties.

Today, IMVT is one of the leading academic research institutions in the field of micro process engineering worldwide. An international team of 64 employees specialized in various disciplines focuses on the construction and fabrication of microstructured devices, on fundamental studies of transport processes and chemical reactions in microstructures, and on the use of prototypes in selected thermal and chemical processes. Apart from research projects financed from basic funds under the Helmholtz programmes, projects funded by third parties are being executed in cooperation with industry and academic research institutions in Germany and abroad.



IMRET 2018 - International Conference on Micro Reaction Technology


IMRET 2018 sets out to become once more the “place to be” where new developments regarding all facets of micro process engineering and flow chemistry will be jointly discussed for mutual benefit.

Since 1997 the event has demonstrated a variety of new applications in chemical engineering, chemistry, related disciplines like energy supply, and even more different fields such as analytics, life science and medicine. Yet, as each of the involved disciplines has seen amazing progress, the mission of providing an effective platform for exchange is even more important.

15th IMRET will take place in the city of Karlsruhe/Germany from 21-24 October 2018, organised by DECHEMA e.V. with the support of the German ProcessNet Woking Group on Micro Process Engineering, the IMRET Steering Committee, and the International Flow Chemistry Society.

IMRET has been established to foster scientific exchange and cooperation between chemistschemical engineers, and micro systems engineers – altogether fascinated by the new opportunities that microfluidicsmicro fabrication, and micro systems engineering provide for making chemical reactors and processes more efficient, more compact, safer, and ultimately more economic, as well as to enable novel chemistry and process conditions which could be hardly handled in conventional equipment.

You will find further information regarding Conference Topics, Pre-conference workshop, Exhibition and Dates to note on the following sites.

Link to DECHEMA event



Sarvenaz Farsi Is Awarded the iSEnEC 2018 Best Poster Award

Mrs. Farsi was awarded with this year's iSEnEC - Integration of Sustainable Energy Expo & Conference poster award. The conference was held July 17th and 18th in Nuremberg. Mrs. Farsi convinced the judges with her work on "Decentral LNG production based on process intensification with microchannel reactors". More than 500 researchers participated in the conference with topics around "integration of sustainable energy".


The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) will be represented at ACHEMA 2018, the leading international trade fair for the process industry from 11 to 15 June in Frankfurt am Main, with innovations for the energy supply of the future and for process engineering. The KIT stand (Hall 9.2, Stand A80) will present the Energy Lab 2.0 research infrastructure, show microstructured reactors for the production of carbon dioxide-neutral fuels, present additive manufacturing for the production of complex components for process intensification and demonstrate data from numerical flow simulations using a virtual reality visualization approach.

Press release

Progress in modular plants for synthesis of chemical energy carriers based on renewable power

Progress in modular plants for synthesis of chemical energy carriers based on renewable power“ Researchers from the Institute for Micro Process Engineering at KIT have developed together with the partners INERATEC GmbH, sunfire GmbH, Climeworks AG and German Aerospace Center (DLR) within the Kopernikus-Project "Power-to-X" a concept for an integrated plant which can generate synthetic hydrocarbons as easily storable chemical energy carriers from renewable power and carbon dioxide captured from the ambient air. Target product are kerosene fractions for use in aviation. The aim is a reduction of the carbon dioxide emissions in this important sector.


Press Release BMBF
Power-to-Liquid pilot plant
Power-to-Liquid: Pilot Operation of First Compact Plant

Demand-driven production of liquid fuels from regenerative energy sources is a major element of the energy turnaround. Production of synthetic fuels from solar energy and carbon dioxide extracted from air is the objective of the SOLETAIR project started now by INERATEC, a spinoff of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, in cooperation with Finnish partners. Together, the partners plan to take into operation the first chemical pilot plant worldwide. It is so compact that it fits into a ship container and produces gasoline, diesel, and kerosene from regenerative hydrogen and carbon dioxide.

November 9th, 2016

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