Veröffentlichungen 2015

Effect of specimen thickness on chromia scaling of Ni25Cr in N 2 –O 2 –H 2 O test gases at 1000°C
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Einsatz des Laser- und Diffusionsschweißens zur Herstellung mikroverfahrenstechnischer Apparate
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Numerical investigation of interfacial mass transfer in two phase flows using the VOF method
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Selected papers from the 3rd European Conference on Microfluidics: µFlu’12 (Editorial)
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Impact of Different Parameters for Pulsed-Laser Welding of the Austenitic Stainless Steel 304
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Novel microstructured evaporation device
Wibel, W.; Maikowske, S.; Brandner, J. J.
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Novel windows for ’solar commodities’: a device for CO₂ reduction using plasmonic catalyst activation
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Simulation of one-stage dimethyl ether synthesis over a core-shell catalyst
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Modeling fouling factors for microscale heat exchangers
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Investigation of High-Temperature and High-Pressure Gas Adsorption in Zeolite H-ZSM-5 via the Langatate Crystal Microbalance: CO₂, H₂O, Methanol, and Dimethyl Ether
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Inorganic microporous membranes for H₂ and CO₂ separation-Review of experimental and modeling progress
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Effect of metal precursor on Cu/ZnO/Al₂O₃ synthesized by flame spray pyrolysis for direct DME production
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Catalyst development for the dehydrogenation of MCH in a microstructured membrane reactor - For heat storage by a liquid organic reaction cycle
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An electrocatalytic membrane-assisted process for hydrogen production from H2S in Black Sea: Preliminary results
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Role of liquid concentration in coke yield from model vacuum residue-coke agglomerates
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Cost reduction possibilities of vanadium-based solid solutions - Microstructural, thermodynamic, cyclic and environmental effects of ferrovanadium substitution
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Metal crack propagation monitoring by photoluminescence enhancement of quantum dots
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Early stage hydration of wollastonite: Kinetic aspects of the metal-proton exchange reaction
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Pd-based membranes in hydrogen production for fuel cells
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Micro molecular tagging velocimetry for analysis of gas flows in mini and micro systems
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2015. Microsystem technologies, 21 (3), 527–537. doi:10.1007/s00542-013-1971-0