Projects funded by foundations

IMVT also carries out research projects funded by non-profit-making foundations. Among the organisations who support ongoing projects or have supported projects in the past are the Baden-Württemberg Foundation and the Vector-Foundation, both based at Stuttgart, and the Peter and Luise Hager Foundation based at Saarbrücken.

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The so-called Power-to-Fuel technology (P-to-X) can contribute to the conversion of the transport sector from fossil fuels to CO2-neutral fuels. In addition to other alternatives such as e-mobility and hydrogen, liquid fuels will continue to play an important role in the transport sector, especially for heavy traffic and aviation.

Peter und Luise Hager foundation

DynSyn's scientific and technical objectives in focus on the investigation of dynamic operation with interaction on the temporal variation of the product spectrum/fuel composition of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis as well as on the implications of dynamic parameters on catalyst stability.

Vector foundation