Liquid and Dispersed Systems (LIQ)

The group Flüssige u. disperse Systeme (LIQ) is concerned with the chemical process engineering of liquid phase reactions.

One branch of work is the development of highly effective micro structured mixers and their experimental characterisation. The Interpretation of the experimental results is done in close cooperation with CFD-Team, which supplies the fluid dynamic expertise.

Microstructured devices are also employed for emulsification processes and are characterised in that respect.

Fast and exothermic reactions in liquid phase are a field for which microstructured devices can be applied with good success. The selectivity often depends on both, local mixing structure and temperature during reaction. By the combination of both, excellent mass and heat transfer, it is possible to obtain very high selectivities for fast and exothermic reactions, which can't be performed with the same result in conventional reactors.

It's our special interest to apply the investigated processes and devices into industrial practice.

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