Catalytically Active Coatings

The group “Catalytically Active Coatings” (CCT) is working on concepts and methods for the preparation and characterization of hierarchically structured catalysts and their implementation in different reactor- and reaction-systems. The key area of investigation is the precise and homogeneous deposition of highly active catalyst layers e.g. within microstructured reactors. Here, the preparative works are supported by simulation enabling a rational design of the catalysts/catalyst layers and reactors. The focus of the group is on novel catalyst systems and concepts such as bifunctional core-shell catalyst, intermetallic compounds and integrated systems enabling in-situ product recovery using membrane technologies. The CCT group is thematically and organizationally located between the Institute for Micro Process Engineering (IMVT) and the Institute for Catalyst Research and Technology (IKFT), respectively.




  • Single-stage dimethyl ether synthesis

  • Methane steam reforming with integrated hydrogen separation

  • Selective hydrogenation of acetylene

  • Photocatalytic degredation of micropolutants in aqueous media


Preperative methods

  • Flame spray pyrolysis for nanoscopic catalyst preparation

  • Ink-jet printing

  • Sputtering (DC magnetron)


  • Dip coating and screen printing


Characterization methods

  • Optical methods for the analysis of surface morphology and composition (SEM, optical 3D-profilometry, electron probe micro analysis combined with WDS)

  • Chemiesorption (TPR/TPD) and TPO

  • Isothermal nitrogen physisorption

  • Langatat crystal microbalance (physisorption of different species at elevated pressure and temperature)

  • Kinetic studies and process validation (µ-Berty and microstructured reactors)



3rd party funding:

DFG-Project SPP 1570


CO2mpact DME