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The seminars usually take place on Thursdays from 11 a.m. in the large meeting room (201).

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Welcome to IMVT!

The Institute for Micro Process Engineering (IMVT) is one of the leading academic research institutions in the field of micro process engineering worldwide. An international team of 70 employees specialized in various disciplines focuses on the construction and fabrication of microstructured devices, on fundamental studies of transport processes and chemical reactions in microstructures, and on the use of prototypes in selected thermal and chemical processes. Apart from research projects financed from basic funds under the Helmholtz programmes, projects funded by third parties are being executed in cooperation with industry and academic research institutions in Germany and abroad.

The IMVT was founded in July 2001 with the objective of enhancing the use of novel microstructures in modern process engineering. Foundation of IMVT had been preceded by innovative studies relating to the fabrication of metal microstructured devices and their use in process engineering at the former Central Experimentation Department and before at the Institute for Nuclear Process Technology of Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe. IMVT and its precursor department had been headed by Dr. Klaus Schubert since the late eighties.




Was die synthetischen Kraftstoffe wirklich bringen

Im Streit um die Zukunft des Verbrenners sind die E-Fuels in den Fokus gerückt. Sie werden aus Wasser und Kohlendioxid hergestellt. Können synthetische Kraftstoffe helfen, den Weg in die Klimaneutralität zu ebnen? Die Zeitung "Frankfurter Allgemeine" hat hierzu einen interessanten Beitrag verfasst. Den Link finden Sie im weiteren Verlauf.

Beitrag "Frankfurter Allgemeine"
Logo (grüne Wellen) mit dem Titel "Leitprojekt H²Mare"BMBF
Producing the fuel of the future directly at sea - the H₂Mare flagship project

Producing green hydrogen and other PtX products with offshore wind turbines without grid connection can significantly reduce costs compared to onshore production. This potential is being exploited and researched by the H₂Mare hydrogen lead project. Further information can also be found at

Link to the YouTube-report
Prof. Dittmeyer mit dem Paul Pietsch Award 2023Motor Presse Stuttgart
Paul Pietsch Award 2023

The IMVT has received the International Paul Pietsch Award for research on Power2X and synthetic fuels. You will find the link to the Motor-Presse-Stuttgart in the further course.

Link to the article from
Zwei befüllte Flaschen mit der Aufschrift "E-Fuel" und "E-Wax"
E-fuels in heute journal

In the fourth contribution, everything revolves around the topic "Wrestling with combustion engines - What future for e-fuels?" Prof. Dittmeyer starts speaking at minute 15:20. You will find the link to the video in the further course.

Link to the ZDF-report
Sara Claramunt und Laura Trinkies schauen auf ein Blatt, im Hintergrund sind MaschinenKIT/Kira Heid
CIW-female-engineers introduced

Sara Claramunt and Laura Trinkies talk about their personal paths to their research areas at IMVT in an interview with the CIW-IN chemical engineering network, sharing their experiences.

Click here for the interview...
Neuland Preis KIT
Special prize in the Neuland competition

The long-standing cooperation between Cargill and the IMVT was awarded a special prize in the Neuland competition. The production of poly-mannose using microstructured apparatus will go into commercial production.

Link to the article
Sand Photo.
Support for Ukraine

Campaign "Aggregates against Aggressor" - a relief campaign by the Steine ​​Erden Industrial Association (ISTE). With her pictures, the Ukrainian sand artist Natalia Tarnay shows in a unique way the traces of war.

Link YouTube Video Sand Art
Doktorandin Tabea StadlerKIT
Kerogreen Winter School - Award for Tabea Stadler

The IMVT is happy with Tabea and congratulates on this recognition of the work done in the past three years!

mehr zum Kerogreen-Preis
Hannah Kirsch Laborprivat
Two awards for Dr. Hannah Kirsch

Peter and Luise Hager Prize 2021 and Sparkassen Environment Prize 2021

The IMVT congratulates and rejoices with Hannah!

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