Additive Manufacturing (ADD)

In recent years, additive manufacturing (AM) has greatly expanded the possibility of fabrication. Components that are difficult to manufacture using conventional methods can now be produced within a few hours. In process engineering in particular, this makes it possible to create new apparatuses that are optimally adapted to the desired function. At IMVT, AM is being researched for the following areas:

  • separation technology
  • reaction engineering
  • heat transfer


The advantages of AM in process engineering are worked out by the following methods:

  • Adaptation of AM processes
  • Design for AM" construction methods
  • Simulation-based optimization


For the research projects we have the following printers at our disposal:


In this video, one of our PhD students presents the basic principles of these manufacturing processes:

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Team members:

Name Tätigkeit
Christoph Klahn Group lead
Fabian Grinschek PhD
David Metzger PhD
Dongxu Xie PhD
Manuel Hofheinz Manufacturing
Fabian Rupp Manufacturing