German Research Foundation (DFG)

The Institute performs fundamental research mainly with financial support by the German Research Foundation (DFG). Currently scientists of IMVT contribute to two focused programms of DFG. Moreover, the institute coordinates the DFG research unit 2383 "ProMiSe" focusing on the measurement and control of dynamic local process conditions in microreactors by means of novel miniaturized sensors, which involves 10 different groups from KIT and the University of Freiburg. Details of the research unit "ProMiSe" can be found at the website



Ongoing projects

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Through the use of nanotechnology, hierarchically structured porous layered systems will be prepared from two different catalytic materials. The systems are meant to achieve a favorable implementation of two-step reaction sequences via utilization of synergies from the local neighborhood of the two different types of active sites, as well as from merging two process steps into one. 

Within the project innovative pathways to integrate the highly selective semi-hydrogenation catalysts GaPd, GaPd2 as well as Al13Fe4 into microstructured reactors will be investigated, to result in a new hydrogenation technology. 

By developing new experimental techniques, important contributions to an improved understanding of the interaction between hydrodynamics and chemical reactions in bubble flows shall be achieved. In this (particular) case the experimental methods are based on two systems.