Development of a fuel gas generator form a matrix of liquid biogenic fuels for block heat and power plants

Aim of the project ist he development of a highly compact integrated fuel gas generator for generating of fuel gas from liquid, biogenic and fossil fuels and their mixtures. 

Final report of the project


Project abstract

This generator is to exploit the potential of biogenic fuels for gas motor driven block heat and power plants (BHKW). Also further application of synthesis gas from biogenic sources could profit from the generator. The technology enables the use of diverse quality in fuels in one set-up without alterations in the system itself.

The generator encompasses a mixing system and a reformer. The specialty of the development is the possibility to mix several different fuels of differing quality in situ, just before the gas generation.

To generate the fuel mix for the reformer we need a mixing and spray system. The mixing set-up is tasked also with the addition of water to the fuel. In mixing and emulsification processes the IMVT has its forte.

Subject of the development of the reformer is its fuel mix, which should be tuned according to the quality and the source of the fueling liquids. The use of low-temperature processes without coke-formation is envisioned. The aim is to crack the long-chain hydrocarbons typical for biogenic fuels effectively before being fed to the reforming catalyst to avoid coking.

The generator will enable manufacturers of block heat and power plants to adapt their installations to the growing supply of biogenic fuels. The diversity in composition of those fuels will be reduced significantly by the reforming process. This will lead to a better economy of those kinds of plants.