Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

In almost all areas of technology that have to do with streaming media, Computational Fluid Dynamics is used to an increasing extent. The aircraft and automotive industry replaces expensive experiments in wind tunnels by CFD calculations. Optimization and new designs of technical devices are made with CFD.

Not only the application-oriented areas of science and technology are using CFD tools, but also basic problems of fluid flow, for example turbulence modelling, could be analysed, applying direct numerical simulation (DNS).

Here, at the Institute of Micro Process Engineering (IMVT), CFD is used as a tool for both, design and optimization of our microstructured devices and expanding the fundamental knowledge of the physical and chemical phenomena inside.

At the IMVT the CFD calculations are performed with the simulation package of ANSYS.

The following sections show works in the field of computational fluid dynamics at the IMVT.