In memory of Dr.-Ing Dr. h.c. Klaus Schubert
Dr. Schubert as a presenter IMVT
Dr. Dr. h. c. Klaus Schubert

Dr Schubert was a visionary leader. In the 1990’s there was a concept of a “Chemical Factory in a Shoebox”, and through his drive and hard work, this vision was significantly advanced under his leadership. He was admired for his ability to reach people in all domains – he had a deep passion to make micro-process engineering a reality and he really motivated all those around him to work together in this direction. One of his pioneering and ultimately highly successful projects, which he led from beginning to end, was the micro-separation nozzle. After this was completed, he pulled together the strengths of the searate teams, as well as individual colleagues, to develop a new vision. This new vision, which would encompass technicians and academics, and the experimental technology group which he personally led, become the nucleus of a new research institute, the Insitute for Mico Process Engineering.

Dr Schubert was admired for taking a deep interest in every individual person, in every step of their work, and especially in the development of new experiments and apparatus. This unique combination of a deep technical interest in micro process engineering, appreciation for the work of his staff, and visionary leadership, make him unforgettable for us.

From the leadership and all staff of the Institute for Micro Process Engineering.