Micro-Heat Exchanger and the Use Thereof as a Fluid Cooler for Electronic Components

Dr. Schubert, Dr. Brandner, Dipl.-Ing. Schygulla, Dipl.-Ing. Anurjew


The invention relates to a micro-heat exchanger for the exchange of surface-specific heat quantities, said heat exchanger comprising a heat exchanging region, an admission channel structure, and a derivation channel structure, with respectively associated distribution volumes and an inlet and an outlet for at least one heat exchanging medium between the supply channel structure and the derivation channel structure. The aim of the invention is to provide a fluidic micro-heat exchanger for the exchange of high surface-specific heat quantities, which is characterised by a low flow resistance for a fluidic tempering medium. To this end, a microheat exchanger is provided, wherein the supply channel structure and derivation channel structure for the heat exchanging medium are intertwinde in an alternating sequence, the passages are arranged close to the heat exchanging region, and the supply channel structure, the derivation channel structure, and the passages extend over the entire heat exchanging region.