Emulsifying Arrangement

Dipl.-Chem. Kraut, Dipl.-Ing. Hensel


Emulsifying arrangement comprising a tubular emulsifying chamber with a tubular wall and two end areas for a spiral flow with a spiral flow direction, at least one inlet for directing a fluid mixture of two non-mixable fluid fractions into the emulsifying chamber at the first end area and at least one outlet for conducting the fluid mixture out of the emulsification chamber at the second end area wherein the emulsifying chamber has between the two end areas a cross-section which is symmetrical around an axis of symmetry, wherein the outlet and the inlet enter or leave the tubular wall area tangentially in the flow direction or at an acute angle. It is the object to propose an emulsifying arrangement with increased efficiency which has no moving parts. The object is solved in that the axis of symmetry and the emulsifying chamber have at least one curved area.