Microstructured Reactor and Use of the Same

Dr. Pfeifer, Dr. Haas-Santo, Dr. Schubert


The micro-structure for the execution of chemical reaction between two reactants, comprises a first passage fraction with channels for a first liquid fraction, a second passage fraction, and a reaction volume that is connected via openings with the first passage fraction. The reaction volume is filled up with a pouring of particles of a catalyst and has spacers as a laminar expansion with columnar structures. The openings extend over the entire laminar expansion. The passage fractions are formed as single-side structure in the layers. A third passage fraction with temperature channels for a cooling medium is inserted between the first and second passage fraction of the openings. The first, second and third passage fractions are arranged in first- and/or second layers. The layers form a layer pile and are formed by metal foils. The catalyst is formed through a particle pouring from the catalyst material. The particles have a size of 20-100 µm.