Static Micromixer

Dr. Schubert, Dr. Fichtner, Mr. Wiessmeier, Mr. Ehlers, Mr. Elgeti


The invention relates to a static micromixer comprising at least one mixing chamber and one guide component which is connected upstream therefrom and which is provided for separatly supplying fluids to be mixed or dispersed. Slotted channels running diagonal to the longitudinal axis of the micromixer pass through said guide component. The channels alternately cross without touching, open into a mixing chamber and form a common outlet cross-section there. The aim of the invention is to configure the guide component, which improves upon the prior art, such that fluid pressure losses occuring in the guide component are further reduced between the inlet side and the common outlet side. To this end, the cross-sections of the channels enlarge, toward the inlet side, for at least a portion of the media flows to be mixed.