Method of Producing Dispersions and Carrying Out of Chemical Reactions in the Disperse Phase

Dr. Schubert, Dr. Bier, Dr. Linder, Mr. Hermann, Mr. Koglin, Mr. Menzel


In the process for the continuous dispersion of at least one fluid A constituting the sispers phase and at least one continuous phase constituting the enclosing phase of a fluid B, at least one fluid stream A and at least one fluid stream B are fed into a dispersion apparatus and come into contact therein in a dispersion chamber. To this end, a microstructure dispersion apparatus is used in which the fluid streams A, B are broken up into spatially separate, flowing fluid filaments by a system of microchannels associated therewith, which filaments are discharged into the dispersion chamber at identical flow velocities for the particular flui in such a manner that on discharge into the dispersion chamber a fluid jet of the disperse phase is in each case immediately adjacent to a fluid jet of the continuous phase and in each case a fluid jet of the disperse phase is enclosed as it is broken up into particles in the adjacent fluid jets of the continuous phase.