Ultra-compact Autothermal Micro-Membrane Reformer

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    Ultra-compact Autothermal Micro-Membrane Reformer

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    Bachelor/Master Thesis/Hiwi

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    Mahmoudizadeh, Masoud


Hydrogen production for industrial applications is mainly provided through reactions e.g. methane steam reforming (MSR) in large scale and transportation to the final consumer. Especially, hydrogen transportation results in additional costs and also increases its CO2-footprint. Therefore, for smaller consumptions, a decentralized hydrogen production using MSR via small scale is still highly efficient from an economical and ecological point of view.

A promising concept is modular micro-structured reactors with integrated membranes which directly separate the hydrogen produced via MSR. The proof-of-concept has been given in previous studies at MIVT (see e.g. Wunsch et al., doi:10.3390/membranes8040107). Aiming at developing the system, MicroEnH2ancer V.3.0 is integrated with catalytic combustion of CH4 and also using 3D printing.


Figure 1 Design of the ultra-compact membrane reformer


Desired topics in this project framework:

  • Robust and Active Nano-Catalysts for MSR and catalytic combustion; synthesis, coating, and kinetics studies
  • Composite Pd-based membrane tests, substrate preparation (design and optimisation for 3D printing), diffusion barrier layer coating, gas tests
  • Compact 3D-printed low-temperature catalytic chambers (micro-packed/coated bed) with optimised oxygen distributors
  • Dynamic simulation of an autothermal membrane reformer


Are you interested in these topics? Please, email to masoud.mahmoudizadeh∂kit.edu with one of the mentioned topics in the email subject.

Candidates with relevant experiences are welcome to work as a HIWI.

Work beginning: immediately after agreement

Language: English.

Assignment: Prof. R. Dittmeyer

Supervisor: MSc. Masoud Mahmoudizadeh