Microwave plasma assisted CO2 splitting: catalytic approach

Place: Bachelor /Master
Institute: IMVT
Starting date: a.s.a.p
Kontaktperson: Navarrete, Alexander / Hernandez, Mery


Ultrafast pulsation of microwave power for plasma-based CO2 conversion is a strategy aimed at enhancing process efficiency. However, a deeper comprehension of the parametric effect over the ongoing plasma phenomena is essential for the optimal design of plasma-based devices. Consequently, extensive parametric scans of plasma torch performance need to be conducted to develop the mechanisms that restrict CO yield.
Furthermore, recognizing the potential for significant plasma process improvement, the implementation of a catalyst will be incorporated. However, it is important to note that the field of plasma catalysis is still relatively new and requires thorough investigation to explore its full potential and understand its underlying mechanisms.
For more information about the topic, see published work: https://publikationen.bibliothek.kit.edu/1000142833

 Tasks of interest in this work:
•    Gas product data acquisition from plasma experiments
•    Plasma experiments with and without catalyst
•    Plasma experiments variating the gas flow rates and microwave parameters
•    Dynamic simulation of the low temperature and atmospheric plasma flame (considered as a gas) in contact with catalysis (COMSOL)
Candidates with basic laboratory experience are welcome.
Work start: immediately after agreement
Language: English.
Assignment: Prof. Dr. Roland Dittmeyer
Supervisor: Dr. Navarrete (alexander.navarrete@kit.edu) / MSc. Mery Hernandez (mery.maya@kit.edu)