Combination of Yeast-Surface Display UPOs with H2O2 direct synthesis

Contact persons: Peters, Till (, +4972160826716), Niklas Teetz (
Institute: IMVT, BLT
Start: May 2024

Background and motivation

The use of enzymes in industrial processes has become considerably more important in recent years. Peroxygenases in particular, such as the non-specific peroxygenase (AaeUPO) from Agrocybe aegerita, have proven to be extremely versatile biocatalysts. The immobilization of enzymes is a common method in biotechnology, as it is advantageous in terms of their manageability in reactors and facilitates process control. Yeast surface display is a special method for immobilizing enzymes using yeast (Pichia pastoris) as a carrier. It is an effective and attractive method to immobilize UPOs and make them technically usable in continuous processes.
Peroxygenases are dependent on hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) as a cosubstrate, which is conventionally produced by the anthraquinone process, which is expensive and harmful to the environment. Therefore, the development of sustainable production methods for H2O2 is of great importance. With decentralized systems for direct synthesis from hydrogen and oxygen, H2O2 can be produced in-situ on demand for processes such as enzyme catalysis with peroxygenases. The application of UPOs immobilized on yeast in a fixed-bed reactor with in-situ H2O2 direct synthesis promises an effective continuous production process, which is to be established and characterized in the course of this work.

Content of the work
- Fermentation of Pichia pastoris in a bioreactor for enzyme production (BLT)
- Identification of a suitable process window for tandem catalysis (IMVT)
- Implementation of tandem catalysis in a continuously operated fixed-bed reactor (IMVT)
- Balancing of both process steps (BLT, IMVT)

The Master's thesis offers the opportunity to work in an interdisciplinary research environment and to make an important contribution to the development of sustainable catalysis processes. It will take place at both the South Campus (BLT) and the North Campus (IMVT).

Speakers: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dirk Holtmann (BLT), Prof. Dr. Roland Dittmeyer (IMVT)
Supervisors: Niklas Teetz (BLT), Till Peters (IMVT)