Production of Catalytically Active Layer Useful for Steam Reforming of Methanol

Dr. Pfeifer, Dr. Fichtner, Dr. Schubert, Hr. Wunsch


A catalytically active layer is prepared by making a dispersion (I) from a nanopowder, a dispersant and hydroxyethylcellulose; coating a molded support with (I); drying to remove the dispersant; impregnation with a solution of compound (II) of a catalytically active metal and drying to remove the solvent; sintering to remove the HEC; and optional reduction to reduce (II) to the metal. An independent claim is also included for a process in which the first three steps are followed by sintering to remove HEC, impregnation with (II) solution and drying and calcination or reduction to convert (II) to the catalytically active form.