Method of Producing a Microspectrometer Reflection Grating

Dr. Schubert, Mr. Bohn


The invention concerns a method of producing self-focusing reflection gratings for the mass-production of microspectrometers, in the form of flexible foil strips which support the grating structure and are joined by support structures of the housing or by housing parts of the microspectrometer. According to the invention, the method comprises the following steps:

  1. a foil is clamped on the clamping plate of an ultra-precision lathe;
  2. the clamping plate is rotated and parallel grating teeth are produced in the foil by means of microshaping diamonds such that a grating tooth structure of predetermined width and depth is produced;
  3. the foil is then divided into a plurality of narrow flexible foil strips by means of cuts parallel to the lathe axis; and
  4. the flexible foil strips are curved into the curved shape of the self-focusing reflection grating.