Method and Device for Producing a Dispersed Mixture via Crossing Partial Flows

Dr. Schubert, Dr. Bier, Dr. Linder


A method and a device for producing a dispersed mixture from at least two phases. To do this, the first and the second phase are subdivided into split streams so that the split streams from the first phase are located on a first flat layer and the split streams from the second phase are located on a second flat layer, the split streams of the first phase inside the flat layer being fed onto the split streams of the second phase at an angle i order to bring about a dispersion and mixing process, wherein the flat layers are directly arranged on top of each other, and parallel to each other. The device consists of at least one base unit containing two foils into which a parallel assembly of grooves is inserted on one side of each foil. Both foils are configured in the base unit such that the sides of the foils fitted with grooves lie on top of each other and form an angle with each other.