Mixing Fluids Using Adjacent Micro Structures Generating Diffusion or Turbulence

Dr. Schubert, Dr. Bier, Dr. Linder, Dr. Seidel, Dr. Menzel, Prof. Dr. Koglin, Dr. Preisigke, Dr. Herrmann


A reaction process and assembly mixes two or more gaseous and/or liquid reactants (educts) which are divided by their respective micro channel assemblies into spatially separated fine fluid flows. The novelty is that these separated fine fluid laminar flows then enter a common mixing and reaction chamber, microchannels bearing the same educt emerging at the same speeds. The educts enter the mixing/reaction chamber as free jets, each free jet being led to the mixing/reaction chamber immediately adjacent to a free jet from a different duct. Adjacent free jets then mix by diffusion and/or turbulence.