Static Micromixer

Dr. Schubert, Dr. Bier, Dr. Linder, Dr. Seidel


The invention relates to a static micromixer with at least one mixing chamber with an upstream guide component to feed the materials to be mixed. It is the object of the invention to mix two or more fluids together. This object is attained in that:

  1. the plate-like components are made of thin foils, each having a set of closely adjacent grooves with alternate inclinations to the longitudinal axis of the micromixer, so that when the foils are arranged in superimposed layers rows of closed channels are created to guide the fluids to be mixed;
  2. the width and depth of the grooves are < 250 µm with a wall thickness of the intermediate webs and groove bases of < 70µm;
  3. the rows formed by the foils of the openings of the channels into the mixing chamber are aligned one above another so that the rows of channels of adjacent foils diverge towards the fluid inlet side of the micromixer in such a way that the fluids to be mixed can be fed in separately.