Production of a Microstructural Body

Dr. Bier, Mr. Bohn, Dr. Schubert, Mr. Weinbrecht, Mr. Schaller


Production of a microstructured body (especially shaping tool) with burr-free microstructures involves forming intersecting grooves or intersecting grooves and recesses in a machineable (especially metallic) substrate using diamond tools.

  1. after structuring grooves in a first machining direction, the substrate is coated with a fluid hardenable plastics;
  2. after hardening of the plastics, structuring is carried out in a second machining direction; and
  3. residual plastics is removed with a solvent.

The plastics is suitably a rapid hardening adhesive, e.g. cyanacrylate, preferably having a machinability after hardening similar to that of the substrate.

USE/ADVANTAGE – The process is useful for production of microstructured masters for electroforming or plastics moulding. Provision of the plastics coating prevents burr formation at the edges of the microstructures.