Institute for Micro Process Engineering (IMVT)

Development of a technical H2 membrane reactor

  • contact:

    Dittmeyer, Roland

  • Partner:

    Linde AG, Engineering Division, Pullach, Germany
    Plansee SE, Reutte, Austria

KIT, Linde AG and Plansee SE worked together from 2009 to 2013 on the development of novel porous metal supported composite palladium membranes for use in an integrated palladium membrane reformer for small-capacity hydrogen production by steam reforming of natural gas.   

Results from this cooperation are reported, for example, in the doctoral thesis of Benjamin Dittmar entitled "Entwicklung eines technischen H2-Membranreaktors" (KIT, 2013, in German) and in a scientific publication (Dittmar et al., Int. J. Hydr. Energy 38, 2013, 8759-8771, doi:10.1016/j.ijhydene.2013.05.030).