Locally resolved in-situ measurement of concentrations for isobutane oxidation using laser Raman spectroscopy

  • contact: Dr. Günter Rinke
  • funding: Helmholtz-Energieallianz Energie-effiziente chemische Mehrphasenprozesse
  • Partner:

    Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf

  • startdate: 2012
  • enddate: 2015

The oxidation of Isobutane to tert-Butyl-Hydroperoxid was a sub-project of the Helmholtz Research Programs in the field of Efficient Energy Conversion (EEC). HZDR had the focus on the oxidation of isobutane. A long coated capillary and offline analytics (GC) were used and reaction times up to 48 hours investigated.


Additionally, KIT / IMVT applied in-situ laser Raman spectroscopy. A Taylor-flow of isobutane and oxygen at 130 °C and 50 bars was created. To measure the concentrations of educts and products in the liquid phase, a microreactor made of a glass-silicon compound with a meander-shaped microchannel and a Raman system with a pulsed laser were developed which is shown in the following picture. The microreactor with optical access can be used up to 80 bars and 250 °C.

Raman-spektren_isobutanoxidationRaman-Spektren von Isobutan, t-butyl-Hydroperoxid, t-butyl-Alkohol, Aceton, Methanol

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