Optimization of operating conditions of CO2 electrocatalytic reactor by CFD modeling

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    Bachelor's/Master's thesis/Student assistent

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    nach Vereinbarung

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    Zhong, Siyu

  • Background
    Carbon dioxide reduction reaction (CO2RR) requires increased current density (j>200 mA cm-2), energy efficiency, and product selectivity to generate industrially produced fuels and high-value chemicals. Critical factors such as heat and mass transfer, power, flow rate and phase control will affect catalyst stability and reaction efficiency. Therefore, fluid distribution based on computational fluid dynamics (CFD), with electrochemical kinetic parameters, will be modeled to provide theoretical guidance and optimization to the electrocatalytic membrane reactor operating process.

    • A membrane electrode reactor with spiral channels will be used as the research model. - Modeling is performed under different boundary.
    • Analysis of simulation results such as temperature, pressure, flow rate, component concentration and current density distribution with 2D or 3D output


    • Applied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering/Process Engineering, Computer Science or
    • Mathematics
    • CFD knowledge (not limited to Comsol, Fluent)
    • The results of the work will be announced at the seminar

    Language: English