Preparation and characterization of efficient catalysts for CO2 electrocatalysis and water electrolysis

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    Zhong, Siyu

  • Background
    Electrochemical reduction of CO2 is promising to convert greenhouse gases directly into fuels and chemicals to facilitate the carbon cycle. The preparation of catalysts with high activity, stability, and cost-effectiveness is one of the key steps in the promotion of this technology. While the performance of the catalyst is affected by the gas-solidliquid interface and the mass and heat transfer inside the reactor, especially when the production of long-chain hydrocarbons requires the adsorption of multiple CO2 molecules on the catalyst surface to form C=C bonds.
    Therefore, modifying the morphology and interfacial properties of the catalyst is an
    effective strategy for the reduction of CO2 to C2 products.


    • Prepare cathode catalyst (copper) and anode catalyst (iridium oxide) suspensions;
    • Spray coating the catalyst suspension onto carbon cloth to a specific loading mass;
    • Characterize the as-prepared catalysts.
    • Electrochemical CO2RR performance test and data analysis.

    Students of chemical engineering/process engineering/chemistry/physical Chemistry and those who are interested in electrochemistry and electrocatalysis

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