Polymer synthesis for electrochemical CO2 adsorption

This project, conducted in collaboration with IMVT and IBCS-FMS, focuses on DAC technology. We will develop and prepare the module based on the Electroswing Adsorption method. As part of this, the module and the testing setup will be established to evaluate adsorption and desorption performance. One of the critical factors is the electrochemical behavior of the electrode, including charge/discharge cycles and other electrochemical properties of the cell.

Synthesis and preparation of samples of various types of electroactive polymers.
Fabrication of electrodes from the synthesized polymers and conducting electrochemical measurements (CV, EIS, etc.).

If you are currently pursuing studies in Chemistry or related fields, possess a structured and independent working style, and have the ability for autonomous problem-solving, you are an ideal candidate for this position. Good to very good English skills are advantageous.

Contract Information
Your future workplace will be in the Levkin Group (Building 319) on Campus Nord. Duration: 6 months (extendable), 40 hours per month, starting from November 1st.

Interested? Then please send your application (minimum CV and current enrollment certificate) to lutong.lu@kit.edu.