Support in research around chemo- and enzyme catalysis

Job title: Student assistant (m/f/d)
Location: DECHEMA Research Center, Department of Chemical Engineering in Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Contact persons: Aneta Pashkova (, Till Peters (
Start: From October 2023

Enzymes as natural biocatalysts have been widely used for chemical syntheses for quite some time. A current trend in biotechnology is the direct combination of such processes with chemocatalytic reactions to develop environmentally friendly and resource-saving processes. In our research project, the coupling of chemo-catalyzed hydrogen peroxide direct synthesis from the elements and bio-catalytic stereoselective hydroxylation of organic substrates using non-specific peroxygenase (UPO) is investigated in a collaboration between KIT, DECHEMA and the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen. DECHEMA is looking for a student assistant with prospects for thesis work.

Your tasks:

-Conduct laboratory experiments to determine the process window of chemo/biocatalysis (temperature, pressure range, catalyst/solvent screening).

-Determination of substrate degradation/product build-up by HPLC analysis

-Determination of enzyme activity and hydrogen peroxide concentrations by photometric assays

-Calculation of kinetic parameters of the investigated reactions

-Analysis of the experimental results and preparation of a report or thesis

-Supporting laboratory activities

Our requirements

-Scientific or engineering studies with preferred field of study: chemistry / biochemistry

-Basic knowledge in the analysis of organic molecules (e.g. GC, HPLC, UV-VIS, NMR) is an advantage

-Systematic and independent scientific-experimental work

-High commitment and ability to work in a team

-Good written and spoken English language skills are desirable

-Competent presentation of research results in a scientific context in reports and lectures