Gas and Multiphase Catalysis (CAT)

The CAT Group

The group of Gas and multiphase CAtalysis (CAT) was founded in 2000 and is headed by Prof. Dr. Peter Pfeifer.

The research activities focus on the rational use of microreactors / microstructured reactors for heterogeneously catalyzed processes. The group deals with gas phase reactions, multiphase systems as well as the in-situ contacting and separation of gas mixtures in a microreactor - among others with the help of inorganic membranes.

The main focus is on reactions in the field of Power-to-X technologies for the production of chemical high-value products and CO2-neutral fuels. The spin-off INERATEC GmbH was also born in the CAT group.

The scope of the work ranges from the scientific examination of transport processes and reaction kinetics to technical implementation and scale-up. The findings from research are incorporated into teaching.

The following processes are currently under investigation:

Recently completed projects:

  • Water gas shift (Project ProShift)
  • Hydrogenation of amines (Helmholtz Energy Alliance Energy-efficient chemical Multi Phase Processes)
  • Project Minerve (EU-Projekt, funded by KIC InnoEnergy)
  • Project SynCon (EU-Projekt, funded by KIC InnoEnergy)
  • Project SolChem (Project of the Helmholtz alliance)